Chiang Mai

I had a hard time finding the guesthouse, and the first impression was that it wasn’t what I had expected reading tripadvisor. But that first impression soon got countered because the boy behind the desk said “we are going to have diner together at 19 o’clock, with everybody who wants from the guesthouse” That already cheered me up, so I decided not to have diner with Sarah today. “And after we are going to a cabaret” … I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted to join for that one…

After I chose a bed and made myself at home a bit, a German girl also arrived. Her name was Laura. We decided to take a little walk to the city together. She teached me which fruits I definitely HAD to try. And I must say, I’m glad she did. Now I know that fruits who don’t really look that tasty, can be really good! I had mangosteen, and another lychee-like fruit, and something red and hairy (like how i would imagine a dragon skin would be) which also tasted a bit like lychee and wasn’t dragon fruit, and bananas of course. Three yummies for that!

At 19h we went to an art exhibition first, which was already memorable. We got beer for free and a little snack, and me and another Argentinian guy from the guesthouse, Juan, tried to be part of a living art piece by standing in a hanging raster and looking at each other without smiling. (Not my best subject)
Then we had diner on the street: i had sushi’s (30 Euro cent per sushi) somewhere, i had fried rice somewhere else, and pancakes with chocolate in another place, and a typical desert from here that looks a bit like the Belgian “oliebollen”, and sticky rice with coconut, my favorite, was the last.
Because it was still too early to go to the cabaret, we went to the night market and walked around a bit. Little we knew that the best had yet to come… The cabaret!

I wouldn’t want to have missed that! It was a show, alright! Imagine Carnival de Janeiro suits, and other real fancy dresses… Worn by men! Imagine a shiny silver curtain and a stage like in the movies from the sixties, imagine performances and dance acts like in modern clips, imagine guys using make-up so well they look like really beautiful ladies, and you’ll quite close to get the picture. It’s just the mussels, the sometimes rather rhythmic movements, and the fact that they are far from minding a nipple gate that could reveal their real gender. The only thing is that some of them should learn their lyrics better to karaoke. But still, respect for those gu(a)ys!

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