Pictures capture the moment and tell their stories to the ones listening…

20130808-000727.jpg end of the party…


20130808-001543.jpg Wallonië

20130810-160155.jpg Texel!

20130816-190210.jpg Antwerp Zoo

20130813 poolen de ploeg02 20130813 poolen de ploeg10 20130813 poolen de ploeg14Poolen!

20130813 poolen de ploeg43 20130813 poolen de ploeg37


klimmen Freyr Freyr! 20130814 klimmen Freyr049 20130814 klimmen Freyr107

What hurts about it is that you fully realize how happy you actually are, and how many wonderful people you are surrounded by.

20130815 mapa 35 jaar34

DSCN2429 Bonfire Botellòn

DSCN2444  DSCN2452


One Response to Goodbyes

  1. Yufanyi says:

    Hello Ellen,
    One of my best quotes from Augustine of Hippo states that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
    In my village Kedjom ketinguh which is located in Cameroon travelers always receive this message before they Embarq for their trip ( on your way to where you are going and on your way back home if you trip on a rock the rock should shatter to pieces and you will not have a scratch on any path of your body)
    You will be fine, remember it is easier to swim without fighting the waves.


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