Late at night I arrived at Marlons place in Annecy. He was a warm and welcoming guy.

1 flight from Forclaz in the morning, relaxing at the imperial beach in the afternoon and another flight in the evening. Marlon and me walked in the city enjoying some of the performances for la fête d’Annecy.

2 flights from Planfait in the morning, 2 flights (long flights, autonomic flying amongst over 20 other paragliders) from a busy Forclaz in the afternoon. And I met Ilya and Elena, my friends from Moscow, Russia in the evening. Marlon joined us and we watched the amazing trapeze performance at la fête d’Annecy at night.

The plan was to go do a hike and fly today, but our instructor had a flat tire this morning so by the time he arrived it had gotten too late for that. Marlon and me had a picnic at the lake for lunch and then I took the bus to cruseilles, where Filiep, my covoiturage was picking me up to drive home.

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