Climbing in Argentière-la-Bessée

Driving to Argentière en covoiturage. Talking and listening French again to my driver (and guide, haha) Arrived around noon. After a little nap I hitched to where the others were, Mont Dauphin. Happy to meet them again. Climbed 3 easy routes and went back. The last one was one to forget asap.

Ended up climbing a lot in Vallouise with Jasper. 6 easy routes. 4x 5c, 1x6a, and a 6b not to be proud of. But still very happy with the day. My favorite kind of climb. With little sharp horizontal holds.

A very cold day. I went to Argentiere to buy a new opinel knife. Then Robrecht and me joined the students to rocher du baron, but soon we went to join the other free climbers. They were at Les Ayes. We sports climbed there for a while. Some harder routes. I lead a 6a and seconded a 6b at once. Nice! But ooh soo coold with that icy wind…!

Jan and me climbed an easy multi-pitch of 2 and exercised the rope technics, knots and commandos. Then it started raining so climbing was over. Some of us decided to go to Briancon for shopping and swimming. I bought new shoes and enjoyed the sauna and hammam in the swimming pool. I needed the heat and the relaxation.

Jules, Maarten, Jan and me went to the same place for a multi-pitch. Jules and Maarten teamed up for one and Jan and me teamed up for another. We did one with 6 routes. It was a nice one and it was well secured. After the second pitch we threw a bag with shoes down because we carried too much weight. On top we rejoined Jules and Maarten and rapelled down together. We searched for the bag with our shoes for almost an hour to then find it close to the carpark. Someone must have seen it and taken it there.

Sunny day. Best day of the week. Multi-pitch with Maarten close to Briancon. It was one with terraces. 5 routes. Some nice parts, some stupid parts.

Rainy day. We went shopping in Gap. I bought me a rain jacket and a soft shel, exactly the same as the one I lost in Auckland.

Climbed in Vallouise. 2 6b’s amongst others. I was happy.

Rest day. No climbing.

Last day of climbing. Sports climbing at Rocher du Baron, close to Briancon. I tried a 6c, succeeded, but it was more like a 6a. The other 6c I tried was really nice, but too hard for me. Then Tim dropped me at the train station of Briancon, where my covoiturage to Annecy was going to pick me up.

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