My travel itinerary


In words: I have my first flight 23th of August to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From there I will make my way to Bangkok, where I will meet up with my cousin who lives there. This will be in the beginning of September. A little later my godchild comes to visit me, together with her parents. We will explore a piece of Thailand together. When they return to Belgium, I will travel south bit by bit to arrive in Singapore by October, 10th. There, I plan to catch my plane to Darwin, Australia. From then on, anything can happen! I will start to discover the Kimberleys. I guess it won’t take too long before I will head for New Zealand, to make some “great walks”… We’ll see how long I can (or rather want to) stick to my “plan”

I didnt go to the Kimberleys. And after Darwin i went back to Singapore to travel the eastern part of malaysia with peter. Then i flew to Melbourne, but because it was too cold there I booked a flight to Sydney, where I went to the Blue Mountains immediately. Next thing is Melbourne again, to do some raspberry picking. And then, off to New Zealand!

New Zealand is not finished yet, but visiting Tasmania next!

After Tasmania the trip was already over halfway. A lot still has to happen. I flew to New Zealand again. From there to Vanuatu. Then Brisbane-Sydney-Gold Coast. Long flight to Borneo, Sabah.

And next is Bangkok for Mongolian visa application, Cambodia with Maarten visiting, Seoul just for 2d transfer, Mongolia, and then the Transsiberian railway back to… Europe?!


4 Responses to My travel itinerary

  1. Virginie says:

    Véél plezier Ellen! Go for it!
    We zijn al erg benieuwd naar je verhalen.


  2. Björn De Moerloose says:

    Succes en have fun!
    Grtz, Björn

  3. Gratiella says:

    Veel plezier! We gaan je toch wel missen ze!

  4. Iwein says:

    knap, blijf schrijven. ziet er alvast top uit.

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