Marseille-Calenques and Hyères

Beginning of the school holidays in Belgium, and my return back to Europe.
I woke up in Istanbul. It was a beautiful sky. You could already feel it was going to be a warm day. We woke up early enough. No airport rush this time! It was only a shame the windows of the boat were dirty… So taxi-boat-taxi (shared with a suiss guy) and there I was. Again a meal on the plane. A good one. And landing in Marseille. Did i already tell i liked the queing in the “eu citizens” line? 🙂 Already feels like home! And then the smell!! South of France! So recognisable and so like nothing else in the World! It smells like the summer holidays with my parents when i was little.
I took the metro to a square and drank a juice while waiting for my CS host Loïc to come home. I met him in the evening. Then we had dinner together with four of his friends in an argentinian restaurant. Exercising my French. Nice for a start.

Next day I walked around in Marseille. I found “le marche du capucin” very fast. And loved it. All those colored fruits and vegetables, deliciously smelling, and their Algerian vendors trying to talk you into buying. Lovely atmosphere for me. Then I walked to “le panier” neighbourhood, small streets up a hill, saw the cathedral near to the harbor and walked by the fort next to the sea.
In the evening there was a CS meeting, a picnic at the beach. I bought some of those Algerian Ramadan delicacies and brought then with me. I met and spoke with a lot of locals and travelers and my French was getting better, but it also exhausted me. Still I took a dip in the Mediterranean just before heading back home.

I stayed an extra day at my couchsurfers place to visit the calenques today. And it was lovely. I took the bus to luminy and started walking until I reached a belvedere, a viewpoint. And from there I walked in the direction of sormiau. I sat at the calenque there, reading my book, taking a swim and let myself get dry by the sun. I hitched back to marseille.
That evening Loïc took me up the hill (the red mountain) at Cassis on his motorbike, riding so fast that I was sending prayers to my gardien angel, promising never to agree with something like this again, and we watched the sunset on the hill, accompanied with some beers. And that was a precious moment. Maybe even worth the thrill.

Spent some time at the house, just reading my book, finishing it. And in the evening I tried covoiturage. I shared a car for here to hyeres. My next CS host. We shared my bottle of wine with his friends on the hill. He was going to go canyoning tomorrow, and amazingly, there was a possibility for me to join! I didn’t have to think twice! Next adventure!

I totally became alive while canyoning! I enjoyed it sooo much!
Amazing people, fantastic equipment, and a lovely little river.
Tired from it all, the canyoning and all the French, I went to bed rather early. I had to get up early as well to catch a “covoiturage” to argentiere la besee.

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