Doi suthep national park

Many new things today:
– Riding a motorbike with gears
– Riding on the left side
– Riding the Thai style
by that i mean that giving way or stopping doesn’t exist, in cross sections you just keep on riding but more slowly and everyone will adjust their speed so nobody crashes into another.

I first went to the climbing hall, where there is a notice-board for everyone looking for a climbing partner. So I sent a message to about 5 people and pinned up my own notice there too.
4 out of 5 reacted. So the day after I could go climbing and the next day as well!

Because it was already after noon, I decided not to go too far with my motorbike. I was gonna go to the closest national park, doi suthep, where there is rain forest and waterfalls. Being surrounded by beautiful nature again… Me liked!

I drove up the mountain, skipped the temples but instead explored the nature, and decided to watch the sunset from a viewpoint close to the top. For the second time in Southeast Asia I forgot that if you go higher up the mountain it could get really cold (wearing only a t shirt without sleeves). Combine that with the absence of the sun (it was setting) and you already know that I had to show some character again to patiently remain seated, watch and take pictures, while I was shivering from cold.

The sad part today was to discover that morning that my camera didn’t work anymore. I just unplugged it from the charger, switched it on, but the screen didnt react. It stayed black. And it hasn’t lit since then…

In the evening I dined with Sarah, Rink and Liene again. I showed them the pictures and told them about the climbing and how excited I was. They told me they had a tailor-made suit fixed for Rink. (I want to have a tailor-made blouse also) and they were going to rent a car to do some national parks further away. And after diner I showed Liene the elephant posters hanging there and we even danced together when there was a song playing. Some godchild-godmother time!

That night we went out clubbing with the guesthouse. Dancing my energyboost away from both the nature-battery-recharge earlier and the good news about the climbing.

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