Boat ride in Bangkok and fridge night train.

I see that it has been a while since I didn’t write my blog. It only means that everything is going really good.

I haven’t spoken about the boat ride in Bangkok yet. A good way to experience Bangkok and see the Klongs, sort of Venice-like water canals in the city. It also reminded me to “de bootjes van Gent”. Same same, but different. We saw a floating market (floating meant here that it was built on 6 big floating concrete platforms). And there were some little boats that were actually “floating kitchens”. They were “anchored” right next to the big concrete floating market and meals were prepared there. We also went to an orchid farm where we could see a lot of beautiful flowers in almost all the colors of the rainbow.

Later that evening we had to catch the night train to Chiang Mai. What I remember most is that it was SO COLD inside!!! I hate airco, and that night only was a confirmation of that fact. How cold can it be that in the morning you wake up because your feet are so cold you can’t even feel them anymore! Come on! Where’s the commun sense. Luckily I brought some warm clothes to wear in New Zealand, but can you imagine I used them ALL to stay in my comfort zone? That means, t shirt, woolen underwear, wind stopper and scarf!!
I was glad I could share that experience and other thoughts with Sarah and Rink. Like how the train smells when every time it brakes, that its a good picture when the train is riding in a curve, how the dogs are following the train until it stops at the station because there’s always someone throwing food outside, and that the train ALWAYS has 2 hours of delay.
In the train I finally started reading one of the books I downloaded. The first one of the millennium trilogy, girl with the dragon tattoo. I got totally bewitched by it. I read over 100 pages at once!

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