I arrived in yekaterinburg early in the morning. I had to wait one hour untill the metro started working. I tried to sleep a little on the hard metal chairs in the eating area. And it worked, at least, I rested.
Then I took the metro to prospect kosmonavt, where Alexey picked me up and walked me to the appartment.
Arthur was his roommate. Still waking up. After a while he drove me to the monastery a bit further out of the city. Most buildings were just recently built or even in construction. All in wood, the churches and towers. Finnish wood :/ This is the place where tsar Nicolai and his family are buried. So there are lot of sculptures and pictures of the family. I read that some church even has an icons of the tsar.
We had lunch in freelance cafe back in the city and then Arthur went to work and I walked the city walk, following the red line, taking pictures.
At 5pm we met again at his office. I was gonna be interviewed about my experiences and thoughts about Russia and the Russians for Arthur’s company Roomple and another company ULC. Stressy for me, talking in front of the camera!
After that he showed me the weather station hill and another monastery for women. And then we picked up Alexey and drove to the Asian/European border line. I liked that. It was very symbolic for me. I am really going home.
Than we shopped for groceries and Arthur cooked a delicious diner. They didn’t allow me to pay.
It was a very long but incredibly interesting full day, I slept like a baby!

Sitting/lying in the grass at the riverside, drinking chocolate in the Scottish pub, walking back home with music in my ears. My head in one dimension, my body in another.
I spent the last hours together with Alexey, and then (russian gentle men’s manners) he walked me to the train to Kazan.

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