The story for the climbing community of Krasnoyarsk Stolby

Thanks to the Facebook page Krasnoyarsk Stolby, I was able to contact the climbing community there. I asked if there was somebody who could join me/ guide me on my climbing trip to Stolby. And Alex arranged for a climber to meet me on Sunday.

I met Sergei and his future wife Gella(?) at the bus stop. They are the kind of people with whom you immediately feel you are in good hands. Or perhaps it’s my intuition. But anyway, it never let me down. We got to know each other some more on the bus to Stolby. And when we got off it appeared that we would have enough time to get to meet each other since the walk to the rocks would take about two hours. I’m not the person who does a thorough research before going somewhere, so it was a surprise for me. But one I didn’t mind, I like walking in the nature. Why talking I realized that they are both very active and sportive people. They do sky running. Covering more than marathon distances running uphill on mountains. Crazy! I also learned that Sergei already has climbed in Europe, in France, and that he actually is a really good climber and that I’m lucky to have him as a guide.
Meanwhile we arrived at the pick nick place. We filled our water bottles at the spring and ate a little before heading to the rock. Once there, it was first a little “free climb” to get to the starting point, and from there Sergei prepared the rope. On the way a lot of climbers and other people greeted Sergei and Gella. It looks like a nice and friendly climbing community there!
The plan was that Sergei would climb first, I would climb in the middle of the rope and Gella would climb last and clear the route. While Sergei was climbing up, a couple of real local Stolby climbers, free climbers, doubled us. It was amazing for me to see that even the older generation does these things! In Belgium it is the older generation that would warn us not to do things, while here they gave the example! They must think its silly to climb this route with a rope, but I couldn’t imagine me doing it differently…
The climb up was not really hard, but it was interesting for me. I haven’t climbed on granite a lot, so every new experience is welcome. After the first pitch I looked at the view, took a deep breath and I entered another state of mind. The one that enjoys nature in all possible ways. Meanwhile I realized that the Belgian rules for climbing and setting up an anchor are much stricter then in Russia. It’s probably part of the Stolby free climbers mentality?
The traverse in the second pitch was really nice as well. Walking on the ledge high above the ground level… I liked it. And again I enjoyed the view. The sun was enjoyable.
The top was the best ofcourse! Some wind there to cool down, and some sun to heat you back up 🙂 After Gella arrived we made a picture of us three on top of the Stolby. I forgot the name but I’m sure people will recognize it.
After climbing, my guides showed me the other interesting Stolby, grandmother and grandfather and so on, and then it was time to walk back. All of us were very tired and the road back seemed never to be ending. We were all happy to be on the bus that would take us back to Krasnoyarsk.
It was a perfect day for me. I enjoyed Krasnoyarsk and it’s nature to the fullest! I’m very thankful to my caring guides, and to the whole climbing community in Krasnoyarsk to make my Stolby adventure memorable!


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