(Russian) habits I’ve noticed

– the gesture for drinking. Flicking the neck/throat
– don’t whistle inside a house. Means you are poor
– they take each other’s arm/hand easily. It’s a friend-like gesture
– the men walk the woman home, men are protective, trying to make sure women are safe
– meeting a stranger or small talk on the street is not thát strange
– they expect everybody speaks Russian (but that’s no news)
– they’re extremely superstitious
– it’s also normal for men to pay more than women (for drinks for instance)
– when you leave home, but return because you forgot something, you have to look into the morror before going out the door again
– don’t leave an empty bottle on the table
– one and the same person serves drinks until the bottle is empty
– if you break something, it’s bad luck to try to fix it or glue it
– If you sit at the corner of the table, is bad for your marriage
– sitting on top of the table will make you unlucky
– Russian mentality is black/white. No grey, no nuances. Might come from Orthodox Church. They have only heaven or hell, purgatory doesn’t exist.
– lucky ticket

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