Mongolian visa in BKK

To Khao San road by bus took first 1 hour waiting and then 1 hour on bus. Sticky rice with mango and massage and sleep.

To the Mongolian embassy. Bus didn’t show up. Taxi was slow. MTR and another BTS. To them find out that the embassy has moved… So taxi again! The embassy was currently having trouble with issuing visa because their machine sometimes doesnt work they said. So instead of the same day, i had to pick it up the next day. That implied having to go through the same traffic jam again :/ I decided to head back to Khao San road and do some Internet things and laundry. And I couldn’t resist going to a tailor for 3 custom made blouses…

Called the embassy and they had good news for me. My visa was granted. So I could go and conquer the traffic jam again. But this time for a good cause 🙂
From there I hopped on the metro, hopped on the bus and hopped on the plane. To Cambodia!
Arrived in the evening, it felt so good to be somewhere for the second time and see how different it deels from the first time, since the bezinning of my travels. Koning what I know now and being who i am now. Confidently i took a motorbike to the city, to happy 11 backpackers. Nice place. Nice rooftop bar. Nice thoughts in my head. Played darts and lost.

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