Sipadan dive!

Going diving in one of the best dive sites in the World!
I’m lucky in many ways!
Many thanks to Seahorse, Joe(Jawhar), Nor, Salem, Jojo!

First day we went diving at reef house and (I think) nude point in Mabul. I skipped the third dive because of headache 😦
Second day I dived at south point, baracuda point and drop off.

Amazing dives! Many, many, many fish. And BIG, huge! And nice atmosphere at seahorse.






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4 Responses to Sipadan dive!

  1. chris polfliet says:

    Is het nu toch in orde gekomen met je duikerspas? Laat eens weten of alles ok is na je duik he.


  2. Это было и со мной. Можем пообщаться на эту

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