Brisbane – Sydney – Gold Coast

7/4 In Brisbane I walked around the bit but I spent most of the time in the library. In the two libraries in fact. Uploading pictures and printing my required Russian visa documents. I loved the warm Brissie temperature, but I had to fly to Sydney. When we almost arrived me and my neighbor Andy started talking and we agreed to meet in the city days after and spend some time. I like spontaneous meetings. Though I had been in Sydney airport before but I didn’t recognize it. And then I realized that this was the domestic airport of Sydney. I took the train to the city center, and on the way I already felt that the Sydney atmosphere attracted me. The trains and the train stations weren’t like in Brisbane: cold and modern, they were warm and older and thus had more character. European character maybe? I got out at Townhall station and walked past the Queen Victoria Building my feeling was confirmed. The city has character and I like the vibe hanging around it. Bart picked me up there and walked me to their place near the center to receive my Russian visa application documents and have a small talk. Finally I slept at Fede (the friend I met in nz) ‘s temporary place (whom I only contacted yesterday evening) in Glebe.

8/4 I got up early and found myself a way to the Russian embassy. I was the first one at the counter and after supplying all the documents I collected they had no questions and I got the visa at once! I can pick it up in two days.
Then I made my way to the state library and spent almost all day working out my itinerary, how I could acquire a Mongolian visa, checking flights and then booking flights. And I started thinking of exchanging Borneo for Philippines… I decided to sleep over it. I had dinner with Bart and Kim and after that we had a drink (I had a scoop of Swiss ice cream, dark chocolate) in darling harbor. I walked back home to Glebe.

9/4 Guided city walk through Sydney. Meeting with Andy who was next to me in the plane. Had a beer with view upon the Oprah in the roof top bar cafe. We walked to the middle of the harbour bridge. And when Andy and me said goodbye, the rest was eat, sleep in the park, and library again for me.

10/4 I don’t like it that saying goodbye becomes easy when traveling. It becomes almost as easy as hello. One gets so used to it. Every three days there is some sort of goodbye. Im having this sad feeling that most of the people i meet while traveling are so interesting but you don’t get to spend a long time together. It goes deep quite fast, but goes back to the surface quite fast as wel. And you know from the beginning that there will follow a goodbye too soon. I feel that for that reason I am blocking my emotions at some point.
Ik heb heimwee. Ik mis veel toffe mensen.
Om visum Rusland. Door te praten met huisgenoot bijna te laat maar toch niet. Weer bib. En naar airport. Weer bijna te laat. In Gold Coast aangekomen wat babbeltjes gedaan op bus naar Surfers Paradise. Altijd fijn. Mijn CS host Pawan ontmoet en pintjes gedronken en gepraat.

11/4 Pannenkoeken gemaakt als ontbij met Venezolaanse maisbloem, gedraagt zich helemaal anders dan onze bloem :s En voor de rest stranddag. Nietsdoen. Klimaat is hier als in zuid Spanje. Savonds pintje met Pawan bij muziekoptreden van een singer-songwriter. Dat optreden was een deel van het Surfers Paradise Festival maar geen kat publiek. Echt maar 6 mensen voor optreden. Zielig. En nadien nog even door de avond Beach market gestruind.

12/4 Surfing! (What else could I do in Surfers Paradise?) 2 hours lesson at the surf school go-ride-a-wave. It went very well. I was good at catching the waves. We exercised standing up, getting to our feet. I was happy. And two times I could even stand up on the board for more than five seconds! And I met a German guy Heiko who also did the surfing. He was working in Gold Coasts bush, and decided to learn to surf in his weekend off. And we spent the rest of the day together. Lunch, beach and going to the farmers market. In the evening Pawan joined us to “Glow”, something like the light festival in Ghent. And on the ferry to the lake, we met a Chilean guy, Miguel, he joined us too. And it turned out he was a climber!!! Guess what I’m gonna do tomorrow… 🙂 Climbing if we can and surfing if we can’t. I liked the end of the evening as well. The last music band playing at the festival, called “electrik lemonade”, was really funky. I liked it a lot. And I danced. Along with some others. But the band was happy I joined, they said (while performing). And after that song they said I had danced well. 🙂 *blush*…
At the same time the movie “tron legacy” was playing on big screen, we watched the end of it. And finally we watched the moon through a telescope.

13/4 More surfing in the morning with Heiko. We had a break for lunch and then surfed even more. When we were tired we treated ourselves to go watch a movie, Noah. Not that good, but by then it was raining, so it’s not that we missed out on anything. It’s interesting to get along so well in such a short period of time. Wen we came back Pawan had this splendid idea to invite some others and have a BBQ. With kangaroo steak! Back in the house everybody talked and drank and we played a silly questioning game.

Did laundry. Checked in to a hostel. Backpackers paradise is the name. Then I met with Julia from CS and spent the day together. Talking, walking, having lunch, and dinner. With my last beer, but the beer was not allowed in the hostel…

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix

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