Takaka and climbing in Golden Bay, NZ

12/3 relaxing day in Murchison. In the afternoon we did the Sky Walk up to a view over the valley of the four rivers. And in the evening Claire and me drove to Richmond where I slept in Jubilee Park.
13/3 Spent a day in Richmond. Shopping for Vanuatu things. And spending the rest of the time on Wifi catching up and uploading. Even video’s. And bought a ticket to Borneo, Kota Kinabalu. Then tried to hitch to motueka or Takaka. Eventually ended up staying in Riwaka, close to Motueka with the 4 Chinese/Taiwanese girls that gave me a ride. I pitched my tent in their garden.
14/3 I woke up slowly and hitched to Takaka. Pitched my tent in Hang Dog Camp. Explored Takaka. Met two French people, Alex and Marion, while eating Pad Thai made by a local Thai woman and sharing our love for Pad Thai and Asia. I Spent the evening socializing and talking to the climbers at the hang dog camp fire. One of them, Tom suggested I could join him to his parents’ batch and spend some time there while cyclone Lusi is passing.
15/3 Went to the local market with Israel from Chile. Climbed with Alex, Marion and the Chileans. I went back to the campsite because of the expected rain from cyclone Lusi. While I was gone, Israel took a fall and seriously damaged his ankle. To the hospital and later to Nelson. (We heard later on that he had had two operations and will never be able to do much sports again, the doctors even thought of amputating his foot!) In the evening I decided to join Tom to the batch near Collingwood. On the way there we enjoyed sauna and hot pool! We were hoping to be in the hot pool while it was raining and storming, but the rain wasn’t as bad as expected that evening.
16/3 A whole day of relaxing. Writing emails, catching up with friends, gaining information about next destinations, writing my blog, reading a chapter in a book, playing a game, doing yoga-stretching, making a small walk at the beach, taking pictures.
17/3 Storm was over. Lusi was gone. Climbing day in Takaka! 16-18-20-21 (top rope)… And saying goodbye and meeting new people at the camp fire.
18/3 Climbing with Guillerm, Aaron, Mike,… Throwing rocks at rocks and boulder above the river which was wilder, like a rapid now because of the heavy rainfall the last days.
19/3 Climbing with Guillerm, Aaron, Misha and in the evening pizza with Holly
20/3 Misha and me drove to wharariki beach. Beautiful. In the evening slackline over the river.
21/3 Climbing with Guillerm, Aaron, Misha, Melanie, Nico, Ian, Pearce, en pizza at “Dangerous Kitchen”
22/3 I hitched to Nelson and took my flight to Auckland. Slept in the airport on the highest floor, where there was a viewpoint.

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