3 days of Tassie climbing — intro to trad climbing!!!

2/3 I went to climb in Waterworks, Hobart, where I met with Liam and his friend. Young but mature climbers with a future. I was very happy with what I climbed: grades 18-19-20-20-18. Most of them I climbed with two cool guys from Launceston, Tom and Matt, who drove all the way from Launie to Hobart to climb. And when they drove back to Launie I could share the ride. And after a small job, quick meal and an indoor soccer game, I met Nik, one of the two climbers with whom I was gonna climb the next day.
3/3 Whereas yesterday I mentioned I was probably never gonna do trad climbing, today Grant introduced me to it! Grant, Nik and me were gonna do 5 pitches on the dolorite rocks of Ben Lomond np, the route called Johnny Be Good. Graham joined for photography. After 3 pitches we abseiled back down. Nik hurt his arm. Walking back, he fell off the scree and hurt his leg too… Poor fella. But he stayed unbelievably cool. Not a sound and yet he must have been in such pain… And he still had energy to make a lovely meal with lasagna for dinner, followed by a massive amount of wine. I was in a satisfied state of mind 🙂
4/3 I was happy Grant took another day off to climb some more. Hillwood, Launceston this time. The sun was in, and Graham also joined. 14-16 lead, 18-19 toprope. A beautiful 19, with the promising name “Ghostrider”. Thai dinner in the evening, and back to Oatlands to sleep.
*sigh* Life is good in Tassie…
5/3 preparing my next travels and flights. 14 days in nz on the menu, I’d like to white water kayak and learn to roll over with the kayak. And do some more climbing in Takaka and then… Announcing… Vanuatu!

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