25/2 Off to Hobart. Spent some time in the library (awesome speedy Gonzales wifi), bumped into a man I met earlier on the bus to launceston, Marvin, and we decided to meet again later on. I checked in at hostel The Pickled Frog and made a “graffiti walk” underground, through some kind of sewerage and to an abandoned building, with berry picking along the way. Pretty cool. Unfortunately I hurt my big toe walking in barbed wire on my flip flops. It was bleeding heavily but it was just a little cut. I’ll be fine after 2 days. It’s definitely hurting period. First the heel and now the toe… I’m planning on doing something more “easy” today, visiting the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary.
26/2 In the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary I saw Tasmanian devils, koalas, a baby wombat, and fed kangaroos,… After a small nap I met up with Marvin, talked a lot with this interesting man, made dinner, talked more, watched the first episode of “breaking bad”, which he had to see for his studies, and slept there. He apparently had also hitched and traveled around, in the 80’s.
27/2 Today I went climbing!!! Yeee! Happy!!! 4 routes, grades 15-18-19-18. Not bad after such a long time doing nothing… And guess who showed up after climbing a while? The guys I played cards with at Pelion hut on the overland Track! Me like! And after climbing we had a barbie (BBQ in Aussie) at the beach. Lovely day. And finally I could stay and sleep at Ilias’ place, a Greek guy.
28/2 together with Marvin I went to mount Wellington. We walked to the Organ Pipes first, and had lunch on top of mt Wellington. Nice views from there. In the evening there was a really funky band playing (a gig in aussie language) in a part of the city called Salamanca. There was a good vibe and many people were dancing, at 7pm! Then Ilias and me walked all over Hobart to find another nice gig (We didnt really find it) and see the city and the graffiti from a few days ago.
I had a few more hours to spend until the fishing trip, i thought, when suddenly i got a message it got canceled. 😦
1/3 i basically spent the whole day at the Salamanca market today. Wandering around, eating, listening to music bands… And sit in the sun. Lazy day!

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