Bush walking with Graham

18/2 For the start of our 5 day trip we had to drive to walls of Jerusalem first. Graham is very talkative and I got to know him along the way.  He stopped to eat some salmon in the morning somewhere in between, funny. We shopped for chopped meat for the spaghetti and Graham bought some medicins while I ate (too many) chocolate cookies. And then the story, walking with Graham, almost getting lost but backtracked just in time… Alltogether the walk was 4,5h and the arrival was at Dixies Kingdom hut. I walked slightly faster so I talked to some Aussies there and made dinner. And then, eat, sleep, what are you supposed to do…?
19/2 Graham’s knee hurted. And we expected rain, so I did some day hikes. I hiked to Lake Balls hut first, 2h or so, then went back, then up to mount Jerusalem with its great views, and back, 1,5h, and another hike to Salomons Throne, and back, 1h. After another chocolate rush, we relaxed a bit. Had dinner. Didn’t have rain.
20/2 To lake adelaide. And further up to a cute little hut where you were allowed to make a fire by Mersey lake. I arrived at 2pm. Graham went through the chinamans plains. Arrived at 7pm.
21/2 through the “Never Never”. No track here. What an adventure! Hesitant from time to time, but kept pushing through. Unable to keep your feet dry because of massive rain the days before. Trails are vanishing and reappearing again. And when everything is covered with water, like a big swamp, trails are very hard to see. And the “bear” I thought I’d seen was a big wombat… That night we camped at Hartnett falls.
22/2 to Pelion hut. Stayed at Kia Ora hut for lunch and for drying all clothes. I already want to be back out. My feet are sore. And I’m craving for a pack of cookies, “scotch fingers” I think I want :), to devour all at once! At Pelion hut there was a nice atmosphere, many people. I started playing carts, uno, for a while and eventually we were 6 playing. I like!
23/2 we both wanted to get out of the bush today, (we had to basically because there was no food anymore for another day) so we walked Lee’s track. But we got lost and searched for the track. Encountered a snake while searching. Eventually we found the track again after two hours(!) And by that time Graham had told me that every snake in Tasmanka is poinonous. (And I had approached the snake for a picture) We walked past Lees Hut, and further out to the main road. (I lost the track another two times, luckily Graham found it again) From there I walked/ran another 8kms to get the car to pick up Graham who’s knee was aching. And all that with sore feet. Ouch! The spirit was low sometimes, angor was big sometimes, but the sun was out, and we didn’t give up. That’s the most important thing. And we accomplished our mission. All of it! And guess what… I had a Mars bar already 🙂 (those cookies I will have them tomorrow)

24/2 A relaxing day in Devonport. Finally got to eat my scotch finger cookies 🙂 they were better in my thoughts then in real… Graham had a rifle in his car and we drove to a state forest nearby so he could shoot it. Back in the car I squeezed my heel between the car door. Veeeery painful. Ice, ice, and ice. But nothing broken. Lucky. Had diner and drove to Oatlands.

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