East Coast of Tasmania

12/2 Early in the morning i had my flight to hobart. Some people replied my add on gumtree and i took the decision to go directly to launceston and meet Ben, a French traveler. An amazing story about chasing the bus with the taxi and getting on the bus, next to people with their own lives and stories and eventually end up not having to pay for the ride… I instantly loved tasmania. So different from mainland Australia. So I met Ben and we went to cataract gorge. Walked, swam, and drove to ben Lomond national park, where we ate, had wine, talked and became food for a billion kazillion mosquitos. We slept in the car, the first time.
13/2 we followed a track up the mountain in Ben Lomond. On the way there was a desolate hut. Old. But as if only just abandoned yesterday. Old stuff, old cans of food were still there. The track ended in a (very small) ski area. Next we drove to the east coast, to Saint-Helens, where we swam in binalong bay. We picked “bigornots” from the rocks and had them cooked as aperitif. On the beach. Beautiful setting to cook in. Later that evening we joined some other French travelers for an after-dinner-to-late-night-talk and wine. I should speak/practice more French…
14/2 breakfast at the same place with the same people. We drove up to see the rest of the bay, and when we were back at St. Helens, the car refused to start. The battery was empty. Luckily we were just next to a mechanic, who could repair the broken connector of the “kind of dynamo for the car”. We drove a bit to the west to a beautiful river which had to be he setting for Jungle Book, with a perfect water hole to swim in and slide from some rocks or jump from tree stem. Then we drove to a famous waterfall near st Helens, the highest of Tasmania, where I rediscovered my senses (put your hands behind your ears like a supplementary ear shel and it magnifies the sound!) …but it couldn’t quite compete with my jungle book experience I had just before… bichenot was next. We walked along the coast and the orange moss on the rocks apparently was just like in Brittany, said Ben… So he felt awkwardly at home. We (mostly Ben) tried to catch a crab this time, but it rejected (or cut off?) its leg and fled. At the end of that walk I found a pinguïn hiding in the bushes. I was impressed by my own tracking skills. In the evening we were just too late to have a romantic (well, not really but it was valentines day) pizza restaurant experience, but all of a sudden the pizza man decided to make one last pizza for us. Jeej! (But don’t get the wrong idea, nothing romantic, in fact Ben and me had little to talk about…)
15/2 Freycinet national park. We did a long walk there, Coles bay is just beautiful, and swam in the bay. The water was warm and the swim was very enjoyable to me. In the evening, seafood in a restaurant in Swansea.
16/2 Swansea today. And a walk in the most southerly point of Freycinet Peninsula. A 5h walk to cape Raoul. A reminder to have a sauna next time I come here… And in the evening, in Sorelle, we each had our own chocolate rush.
17/2 today the police woke us up. The neighbours had called about a suspicious car that just turned up out of nothing. They just checked the papers and that was it. We spent much time looking for a place to have breakfast and eventually had to give up and cooked our omelette on a bench close to the sea. We drove further to hobart, had Bens car radio fixed, had our last coffee in the center, listening to a jazz street band and then I said goodbye and went to library to charge my electric stuff and to meet Graham, where I was going to hike in the mountains, Walls of Jerusalem, with. We bought groceries and he took me to his bakery in Oatlands, halfway, where I spent the night.

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