Last days with mom and dad

8/2 This morning we woke up and after having breakfast and shower, we were ready to go! … But our motorhome wasn’t apparently… It didn’t get started. We thought the battery was low, but still it was a mystery because a few hours before, early in the morning it did work. We replaced because the smell of Rotorua was too repulsive. Anyway, there was no other choice but to call the insurance. (My parents super happy about taking that extra insurance for that) In about half an hour to one hour a car came to check on us and that sended a tow truck to tow us away to the nearest camp site. The problem was probably that the car key got wet. Curious about what the insurance would say next.
It took quite some phone calls and in the end we decided to rent a car for the next day. And that evening we went to Mitai to watch a Maori show and have a traditional hangi meal. We had already arranged that before. We also saw the famous kiwi bird at night! But even more impressive: when we got back late at night, the camper started again! So we could continue our travel pretty much as planned.
9/2 We brought the rental car back, shopped for groceries and went to visit Hobbiton. I must say, it brings you in a fairy tale mood! And for the rest of the day… there’s a whole in my memory here…
10/2 We drove to the hot pool beach. It’s a place in Coromandel where you would have to dig a hole in the beach and then hot water should pop up. But along the way was this beautiful gorge and we just had to pull over and make a walk there. A very nice and interesting gorge, it has been a gold mining place in the past. The whole mountain was literally hollow now . Unfortunately because of that walk we arrived at the hot pool beach by high tide and it was too late for us to wait for low tide. I had to be in the airport early the next morning… So we drove to Auckland and slept there.
11/2 Got up early to take my flight to Melbourne. We said goodbye, I got emotional and when I had to abandon my opinel knife that we just searched for the day before, I shed a tear or two… It has been a wonderful part of my trip. Being able to share this piece of my trip with my parents means a fairly great deal to me.
In Melbourne I spent almost 24h in the airport (and more or less enjoying it, knowing that the alternative was melbourne city, which to me had a bit of horror over it) And I had a long talk with an interesting guy that just came from a trip to Ethiopia.

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