The day I lost another two of my nine cat lives…

18/1 The day I lost another two of my nine cat lives… I had to wake up early to do 2 flights in the morning. Then it had got too windy, so we paused for a while and decided to meet up at 5pm for more. And then… A lot happened. I had an epic evening. Not long after the launch I experienced a frontal collapse of the left side. I saw the trees closening in on me and in the mean time my glider turned towards the hill… Hold your breaths… I did what I was trained to do, I tried to pump up the left side again. I was told that only when I was about 2 meters from the ground, my glider caught wind again and I was saved… And the other point of exercise for me were top landings. I was very persistent and kept on launching and landing again at the same spot. In one of the launches my lines were twisted. Or I turned the wrong side, or I didn’t check my lines properly… So I launched, my glider was stable and then I noticed that my lines were twisted. Once again, fortunately, I did the right thing. I noticed what was wrong, dropped the brakes, tried to turn myself 360 degrees and took control of my brakes and the glider again. Luckily, there had been no wind gusts while I was doing that. After that, I practiced some more top landings and came down as a fully, internationally licensed pilot!! And totally pumped with adrenalin of course. The energy I had, man, you couldn’t imagine! Hadn’t I started drinking so early, I would have had a blast of a party…
Well, I had a blast of a social drink anyway… I certainly won’t forget this day easily. Possibly the most memorable day of my life. And hopefully the most dangerous and risky one…
19/1 Although it was a good flying day I didn’t want to risk any more cat lives, so I started driving to christchurch again. I was going to try to join Paul’s sailing trip. The scenery on the road was genius. Beautiful landscapes, rivers to swim (or bath) in, sea to plunge in,… I decided to pass through Sumner beach since the weather was extremely hot. And allowed myself a nice cream even…. And then I arrived back at Pauls house. I was happy with the shower I could have, but of course more happy to see him again. Nothing had changed. We still got along perfect. We went for diner. Some kind of tapas. Delicious tapas, I won’t forget the asado negro (beef in red wine with chocolate sauce), in fact I’m already thinking about it could be made. And in the evening we went to the street theater festival, “Busker festival” in English. The act we saw was a transvestite person doing a singing act. It was ok, but not that good. The diner was more memorable 😉
20/1 I made French Toast for breakfast, “wentelteefjes”. And for lunch Paul made mussels. Green lipped mussels. With coconut cream, chili, ginger and capsicum. While eating I got nervous because I knew I had to pick up my parents at the airport and I didn’t want to arrive too late (as usual). I got there on time and was happy to see them again. I brought them to the house and they got installed and showered. As opposed to what I’d been thinking, they weren’t tired just yet. So we cruised through Christchurch. For diner Paul made salmon with advocate and salad, after which my parents went straight to bed. Guess the 36 hour flight did have some kind of effect on them.

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