30 flights until now! 10 to go!

6/1: I drove back from Wanaka to Queenstown in the morning as it was flying day again! We did one flight, and then the wind had gotten too strong. But we went through a lot of theory, so it was worth driving for. I was really tired in the evening. I drove back to Wanaka, but didn’t meet up with the guys, Juraj and Fede. I was extremely tired and I guess I needed some time alone. Skype, recharging, laundry and recovery time at Paul’s house.
7/1: I was in a bad, miserable mood. Those kind of wintermoods you don’t want to do anything at all… I stayed in the house… Until the boys couldn’t handle being without me anymore 😉 I drove over and it was amazing. In 2 hours time they managed to change my mood completely! I was very happy that happened. Almost couldn’t believe it. Anyway, we made dinner. I made vegetables, pumpkin for the first time, and Fede made polenta.
8/1: I was sick. Suffering from a cold. Feeling miserable. I tried to do a small 1 hour walk in Wanaka, but even that was so tiring that I needed a siesta after that… In the evening I drove back to Queenstown to nurse Felipe, the friend from Chloe’s house in Queenstown. He had had an accident with his paraglide a couple of days before, and severely damaged (not broken) his back. And I had to fly the next day, so it wasn’t for nothing.
9/1: Epic flying day today! 5 flights today and 2 of them lasted over one hour! Great! It was a shame that I couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest because of my cold… Paracetamol was my best friend that day… And after flying I went straight to bed.
10/1: My cold was much better, and I enjoyed my 4 flights this sunny day. Did my first successful reverse launch and also exercised wingovers. Walibi is nothing compared to this, haha! I now have got 30 flights (the training hill flights also count) and only need 10 more! I can’t wait to travel to Takaka, near Nelson… But it will still take about 5 days because the weather isn’t always good. So I’ll probably go to Wanaka and wait there until the next flying day…



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