Te Anau – Homer hut

2/1: Just another rainy day. We decided to stay inside. Nothing else to do. Watched the hobbit. And made Fede Style pizza!
3/1: Even if it was another rainy day, I wanted to do something. So I decided to go for this Homer Hut, close to Milford Sound, and do the Walk to the Gertrude saddle, from where there is supposed to be a lovely view over the Milford Sound. The boys were going to Milford Sound itself, to see if they could do the cruise. We hitched. I got a ride close to the hut, but the river had risen half a meter, and I had to get across the river. Luckily a 4WD arrived and took me over the crossing. What I didn’t know is that there were two crossings. And I couldn’t get back over the first one because the 4WD had already gone. So after a while, after examining the river, I took off my socks and boots and walked across! I talked to the warden and he told me it was not a good idea to do that walk today. The river was too high and the route too slippery. So I just stayed and read the Vanuatu lonely planet in the hut, in front of the fireplace. Looks like I do have some kind of winter this year. The cars that had reached the hut some days earlier, when the river wasn’t that high yet, were just stuck there. They had to wait until the rain stopped and the river went down again… In the evening I hitched back to Te Anau. I wanted to get to queenstown because tomorrow would be a flying day, but no car passed. So I stayed another day in Des’ place, the boys were already there too and had made pasta. Lovely! And then we watched another movie. Hunger Games this time. And made more variations of flax flowers.


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