Flight 14 and Glenorchy Horse Races

4/1: I had set my alarm at 5.30, in order to get to Queenstown on time. But, me and alarms had had malcommunications before, and this time it happened again. The day before I had set the date and time again after the battery dropped, but I forgot about am and pm. So that’s why i woke up at 7 when the light was coming through the curtains. And rushed out the house. I got a ride to Queenstown and another one to Arrow junction and another one up the hill, to the terraces, where the paragliders were launching. I was just on time for a last flight. Flight 14. Good, because I need different locations for my license. The launch was ok, the flight was piano (in Chile that means you don’t get lift, you just gradually go down, according to Felipe), and in the landing I touched the top of a tree and put my feet on a fence in order to puch myself away from it and not to land on it. Miscommunication between me and my instructor again :-s Afterwards the paragliders were going to an event called the Glenorchy horse races. So I decided to join them. We bought some beers and stuff for the BBQ and drove there. I had to get to Glenorchy anyway to get my car, so today turned out just fine for me. When we got to the event I hitched 3 other rides to get to my car and the circle was round. It was a sunny afternoon, people everywhere, sitting down, chatting, eating, relaxing, enjoying the sun. Great!
5/1: it was supposed to rain, but when I woke up, the sun was shining. Not the whole time, but most of the time. We could pack up when everything was dry, we had breakfast and Juraj and me decided to drive to Wanaka as we could see the rain clouds coming. They were pushing us further, following us at a distance. And then suprisingly, in Wanaka, the rain gave up! Blue skies and sun all over. Good decisions! We went to Juraj’s former couchsurfing host, he took us and 2 other couchsurfers to a place nearby a river that had cut deep into the rocks. It was like a canyoning jump. I didn’t do it. The water was too cold for me. But the place is my favorite. River, rocks, green and sun!

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