(Routeburn to) Te Anau

29/12: flying day again. Flights 11-12-13! We started at the gondola where I had my first landing totally on my own! And after that we flew from Coronet Peak twice. No major mistakes this time. And another solo landing. It was a very good day for flying. Much lift in the air. Meanwhile Juraj and Fede made food to take with us on he routeburn track and went to Glenorchy. Those guys are worth gold. I felt like a princess… After flying I joined them in Glenorchy where we spent the night on a campsite. The three of us sleep in one 2p tent, so we have to get along quite well…

30/12: we started the day very early as we were going to do all of the routeburn track in one day (usually it takes 3 days). It was a rainy day and thus sometimes very cold, but the scenery was great and varying (between the foggy clouds). All in all it was worth it. In the evening we hitched to Te Anau, where we were hosted by a very warm and welcoming man Des.

31/12: we slept fairly long, our feet really needed some rest. So what is better then to cook a delicious New Year’s Eve meal!?? I decided not to care about how much it would cost and cook a fish stew. (It’s been ages since I had fish). And Fede made a Shepard dish and a delicious chocolate salami. Rrrrr…. After that Des dressed up, we watched the fireworks and the bonfire and danced the night away in a pub…

1/01/14: we finally managed to leave the couch after a long and lazy start of the day. We went for a geocaching walk in Te Anau, and Des told us about Maori, New Zealand, nature, ecology, and taught me how to weave Flax flowers. We left our Flax flowers in the Geocaching box, as a present to the next one. Now I hope he will teach me how to weave a basket… No, no basket finally. The flax was too wet. We watched a crazy movie, “Ill manners”.

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