Christchurch & around

zo 8/12 The boat couldnt yet be put on the water back again, so the race was not for today. So instead I went to the city center and walked around. I hadnt seen the city yet. And the museum there is pretty nice for someone who doesnt like museums! The Paua shells aren’t things to forget soon 🙂 It started raining in the afternoon, by the time I had to start walking to a bar where the same band as yesterday was performing today, it was only drizzling. It was a very cosy bar, a nice atmosphere, but I wrote that already…
And in the evening Paul made pasta putanesca. Delicious!

ma 9/12 Sailing day! Paul, his 2 sons and me drove to Akaroa again and went sailing! Amazing experience on a bright sunshiny day! We had only just left the harbour and there the beers appeared! 🙂 The dolphins werent in the bay today, but that just means we have an excuse to do the sailing over again another day! jeej! We did see pinguins…

di 10/12 I could share Pauls ride to Lyttleton, where he works. We had lunch together in between two darts games (1-1) ;), and after that i did a long hike from there, over the hills, following the vulcano rim, and descending back into the village. I promised to make mousaka for dinner, so that’s what I did. It was quite happy with the result.
This morning I also found out that my camera was missing… so my pictures of the sailing trip are history. But… another reason to do it over!

woe 11/12 I woke up with the idea of going to the outdoor store. I wanted to buy another Merino shirt. So I walked to the outdoor center and shopped around. Eventually I bought Merino socks ( I needed them too). I also needed replacements for my old sandals, but I ended up trying Vibram five fingers. I have always liked that idea, but never bought them before. Anyway, my little toe felt uncomfortable because of a tiny manufactoring error, so I asked them to have another pair brought over. We’ll see if I will buy them later… At noon Paul picked me up and took me to a Merino discount shop. I found myself a very nice shirt there. Succesfull shopping. in the mean time Paul and his brother were bringing over a car I could maybe use. An old Ford Telstar that they checked and was still good enough. We had left-over-food-lunch from yesterday together and after that I cleaned and vacuumed the inside of the car. In the evening there was a Couchsurfing meetup I attended. And… I could drive down there now! I talked to a lot of people, picked up ideas for the near and the far future and exchanged numbers here and there. Nice!

do 12/12 And the fifth photo camera of my travel is a fact! A Canon A2500 this time. for a Christmas price of 88NZ$, 50€. The rest of the day consisted of making sticky rice with mango while Paul made new soles for my shoes (!) The sticky coconut rice was really good, I’m getting the hang of it, but still I havent found the real Thai sensation. I guess I just miss the Thai atmosphere and Laura, who was with me then… Anyway, Paul and me had another good talk over the dessert-lunch-sticky-rice-outside-in-the-sun and after that I did some internet searches and went to buy a photo camera and groceries. I bought Paul 12 Belgian Stella’s as a present 🙂 In the evening we ate out for our last dinner, pizza! You can ask for 2 different flavours per pizza, which is pretty cool for non-choosers like myself. Another remarkable thing: instead of paying every time you order they have a system here that I never saw before. You hand in a credit card, and then you get a magnetic card instead, which you take with you and where your orders are being saved. And when you decide to leave, they read the magnetic card, tab, and you pay the bill. Easy!


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