Arrival in Christchurch

5/12 Arrival in Christchurch. My couchsurfing host Paul was there to pick me up at 5am. (!) He was a calm, sweet and loving man. He drove me to his house, where I could have one of the rooms. He showed me the house and we had some more sleep first. Then I went out to buy a New Zealand simcard, a nano sim for my iPad and a new pair of jeans because my old ones just gave up. After 7 years of getting along very well with each other, my favorite Chinese trousers wanted to be left in peace. In the afternoon Paul was going to Akaroa, Banks Peninsula, about an hour from Christchurch, to work on his boat. Its a sailing boat he bought together with two friends. They were going to wash the green from the bottom and give it a new layer of paint. So I went along.
6/12. As Paul and his friends were working on the boat again, I was suggested to go to Hinewai. So I did. I walked around all day. From the carpark to the beach, visiting several waterfalls on the way, and then all the way back up again. Beautiful views, magical environment, never seen birds,… and a nice warm sun to accompany me. I will devote next blogpost to this walk.

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