Grampians, Ocean Road, Melbourne Zoos

zo 30/11 i arrived in the grampians saturday evening. the songs playing from my ipod in shuffle mode guided me perfectly. when i arrived at my couchsurfing hosts place, he topd me to come over to the house next door. they were having a gathering over a camp fire. what a great atmosphere to join. my start of the grampians… anyway, next day he let me borrow his ute (thats a car with a lot of place to transport things) with his kayak inside. and i drove around. i didnt want to travel alone, so i decided to go to a hostel and ask around whether there was someone who wanted to do something. and there was a guy, sam, who joined in. it appears that he worked there. so we drove to some lookout points, while he told me about them. and we drove to mcKenzie falls we walked all the way down to them. and further to … (something with a z) and to some lookout points. the pictures will say more then me. 1/12 I decided to stay another day at the grampians. To see Mount Hollow and Venus Baths. To see Mt Hollow I had to drive a long way over gravel road. But it was ok. I climbed up that mountain and whitnessed an amazing view. You could see so far into the distance, over plain fields… really nice. And then I drove to the Venus Baths. The sycades almost drove me cray. And the last kilometres I had to walk. So I arrived at the Venus Baths. And… that was my cup of tea again. A warm day, sunshine all over, and then the possibility to dip in the water… Mmmm… I returned to Melbourne through the Great Ocean Road and took the obligatory pictures at the Twelve Apostels. It was a lot for 48 hours, but it was worth it. 2/12 worked on the farm 7-12 and then went to the zoo with Grant. And in the evening we watched a really good tiger documentary and did a possum search in the park after dark. 3/12 We went to the Werribee Zoo. And in the evening I fixed the flat tyre of the bike on my way to the farm again. 4/12 Last day at the farm. Picking 7-11 and packing 12-17. And the way to (Hell) the airport, on bike, ending in a taxi…

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