The raspberry farmwork in Gruyere, Lilydale

24/11: There was no work on sunday, so the first day I thought I could recover from the long ride, but Melina and Sandra were going to the city and to buy groceries after, and they arranged for Ros to take them to the train station, so I decided since it was convenient, to join them. I called my former couchsurfing host to eat something together and we ate at lentils in St-Kilda. We met another guy there and ended up talking for more than an hour, so when I finally was ready to go back, it was already time to head back to the train station to go grocery shopping in Lilydale, where there was an Aldi. We missed the bus back Wandin, the closest town to the farm, where Ros was going to pick us up, so we hitchhiked back. I succeeded in convincing a guy to take us to Wandin where Ros was already waiting for us. Back at the house I decided to sleep in the couch from now on, and not in the foldable bed, because the bed wasnt that good.
25/11: First day of working. I was very curious. We started at 8am. The first berry we picked was called logan berry. A berry for old people (its very soft). Ros showed me how to pick it and that was that, I started. The second type was blackberry, my favorite, and the third was boysen berry. When that was finished we packed the berries in little 10 by 10cm plastic boxes. It wasnt easy to fit 150g of berries in there, but the secret lies in the corner and the sides, they told me. That was that. We worked till 3pm.
26/11: The second day we packed from 7am to 9-10am I think, and did some gardening afterwards. Picking wooden sticks and weeding the flower garden until noon. It was a beautiful day for that. I rested a bit afterwards and called David again to see if he wanted to do something. He came over all the way to the farm and drove me and the Germans to some nature spots that Peter back home had pointed out to me. Nice nature! And after that we cooked together.
27/11: The third day. We picked the usual from 7am to 9-10am, and started packing after the break. By lunchtime I found it hard keeping my focus so I asked Ros if I could do some picking again in the afternoon. She said I could join the Taiwanese picking group until 3pm and then join the packing group again. I was very pleased and I really enjoyed the picking in the sun. And this time, it were the real raspberries I had to pick. Different again.
28/11: Since it was a gonna be a rainy day we just worked from 7am to 9.30am packing, and the rest of the day we were off. I slept until noon and finally made some time to complete my blog again. So here I am. Sitting in the couch with my iPad in my lap, thinking what. I could do while its raining outside. I started looking for a couch in The Grampians National Park.
za 29/11 Farmwork untill noon. After that, I continued my search for a couch in Halls Gap, the Grampians. And called to the car rental shop I saw in Lilydale. Suddenly I got a message that I could surf a couch, so I immediately rang for the car, biked there, picked up the car, picked up my stuff at the farmhouse and off I went!

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