Back to Melbourne – Lilydale

On gumtree I had found a ride I could share from Sydney to Melbourne. The man apparently was an early bird as he wanted to leave at 6am from Parramatta train station in Sydney. Which meant that I had to take the train in blackheath at 4.13am. Which meant that I had to leave the house at 3.30am, which meant i had to wake up at 3.15am… oh boy… But everything worked out and I met the man in the morning. He had a sportive black car (yes, I’m a girl, but I think it was a Subaru) with spoiler on the trunk. And when he pulled up the car made a hell of a lot noise. And he liked to pull up fast! But he was a good driver. I had problems staying awake all the time and the whole of my body screamed for a nap, but I tried to keep on talking or asking him questions. We talked during almost the whole ride. We arrived in melbourne around 4-5pm where he dropped me at a train station. I took the train to Glen Waverly, to my former couchsurfing host David, to borrow his bike again. And when I got that I took the train to Lilydale, where the raspberry farm was. I made a mistake, taking a train in the wrong direction somewhere, so the travel took me a while. I arrived at Lilydale when it was almost dark. So I rang the lady of the farm, Ros, and they came to pick me up. I was happy to arrive at my destination. She showed me the house, where I was welcomed by two German girls. Melina, 19, and Sandra, 23. It was a lovely little chat, and I new I had arrived in a good, warm place for the next 10 days. So we stay together with a Dutch girl, Marloes, in the former house of the grandparents. We stay there on ourselves. So Ros and her family stay in the house closeby, seperately. We pay a bit for rent, mostly to cover the expenses we make for electricity and water, and we cook and wash and do everything else on our own.

Photo 26-11-13 16 21 00

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