18/11: It was raining. Our host, Stephan, took us to Katoomba because we had to hand in the emergency beaken, buy groceries because we wanted to cook a dinner for our host, and to pick up the bodywarmer I forgot in the hostel. It was a great day for cooking because there wasnt much else to do because of the rain. The only thing I did on this foggy, rainy day was a small hike to “pulpit rock” where there was supposed to be a nice view over the cliffs. While enjoying the foggy view I played my harmonics. I was happy with the sounds I got out of them this day. Then me and Sarka cooked dinner and Stephan got the news that he had to fly to WA (western australia) the next day for work. He had to work there for 2 weeks, but he said we could stay in his house. Lucky us.
19/11: The day started foggy but it turned into a really sunny day. Early in the morning we went to Blackheath centre. We hitched with one of the neighbours. We went to a cafe to find a climbing partner. It was a nice atmosphere. It appears that many people just have a coffe and meet there in the morning, before going to work. The only climbing partner we could find for today was a guy I contacted through an advertisement in an outdoor shop. he could be there at 2pm. So me and Sarka decided to walk to a place where there were some easy climbs. and on our way there we passed the Vipassarna meditation centre and we asked for information. Then we met up with the climbing guy, Damien, and climbed 3 routes. Since I still had sore feet from hiking, I couldnt really enjoy every aspect of it, but still, hey, i climbed!
20/11: A bright sunshiny day! Ellen totally energized! We made pancakes in the morning, I sat in the grass outside for a while, listening to music, and then we went on an adventure… An amazing adventure. Through the bush, following a trail, following a river, taking another trail, arriving in Govetts Leap, taking the trail to Evans Lookout, and did the trail through the Grand Canyon too. And at the end, a local friendly woman even drove us home. A lovely day!
21/11: A big walk today. Via Perry’s Lookdown we descended down to the blue gumtree forest, then via junction rock and the creek we ascended behind the waterfall, back to Govetts Leap. And no rain!
22/11: Sarka had to leave early in the morning to catch a flight to alice springs. I was staying one more day. A friend of Stephan, Mike, from who he learns to bolt/equip new routes, showed up at the house to use some tools from the garage, their working place. He said hi and asked me what I was going to do today. As i didnt have a real plan, he suggested i could join him to walk the dog he was dogsitting on. I accepted and somewhat later we were walking along the rocks and he was explaining, showing and telling me things. And complaining about that the new climbers, that they dont care for the environment anymore, that they dont use the paths and come climbing outdoors taking their music boxes with them, that they use the surrounding nature as a toilet, that with that behaviour they destroy the beautiful wildlife there. He was a bit of a grumpy man, but i concurred. And i really liked the hike and his company.

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