Katoomba and the Six Foot Track

13/11: Katoomba is a little town in the Blue Mountains. Only a few streets big. What a difference from Melbourne! First day I walked all the way through the village to the three sisters. That’s a view from the top of the cliffs over the valley. Very beautiful. The three sisters are three big rocks/cliffs of stone next to each other. According to the legend there were once three sisters who were chased by three men who loved them, but they didn’t love them back. They asked a wizard to help them because they didn’t want to marry them. And so the wizard turned the sisters into stone. Unfortunately the wizard died before he could turn them back into human.
My Melbourne host gave me a phone number from a couch surfing host in Katoomba. The day before I wrote about 8 requests, but nobody had answered yet. It was very last minute. So I decided to call the number, and he could host me that first night. But he was a bit grumpy that night, and a bit of a wiseacre, (he was a doctor, no wonder) so i didn’t want to stay there more than 1 night…
14/11: I got a message from a host in blackheath that I could stay there so I took the first bus there. But apparently he gave me the wrong number so I decided just to walk around a bit. It was a very beautiful village. With amazing views on amazing walks. I did a little walk and discovered a little river that became a waterfall a little further… I was totally in my element again! The rest of the day I looked for the climbing spots, to see if I could reach then by foot, but as this is Australia of course, they were very far from each other. But nevertheless, the walks were nice. And I saw some nice lookouts. But I didn’t succeed in actually climbing that day… I didn’t receive another message from the blackheath host, so I decided to go back to. Katoomba and stay in a hostel I saw while passing, which costed only 20$, not much for Australia. It was my first time in a hostel in Australia, after maybe 20 days… Not bad huh? At the reception when I checked in I met a Czech girl, Sarka, and a saw she was a hiker too, so I asked if she wanted to hike together the next day. She did. So the hostel wasn’t a bad idea after all.
15/11: We gained information, bought groceries, and I bought a lot of warm clothes and in the afternoon we started the six foot track. It would take 2 days, we would sleep in the mountains for two nights. The first part of the track was really steep down for a whole time, but it was sunny! Lucky us. We walked only 3 hours and pitched the tent before the rain came. That night it was thunder and lightning all over. The tent was a little wet on the inside, but nothing we couldn’t handle.
16/11: We walked for ten hours this day! A detour of 1 hour inclusive. The weather forecast had predicted rain all day, but the rain only started somewhere at 4pm. So we really enjoyed walking. I even walked on my sandals a while time. The best part was a river. (Of course 🙂 ) We had to cross it two times. First over a high bridge, and a second time through the water. (Well, to be honest the second time was part of the detour, the wrong way…) As it was raining all the time we decided to try to reach the last camping spot. We should be able to do that just before dusk. We succeeded. And luckily there was a roof to shelter. It was cold, my hands were cold as ice. I wanted to undress and get dressed in warm dry clothes at once, but unzipping was really hard, my grip was so weak I couldn’t even pull a t shirt out of my backpack, and couldn’t undo my bra myself… At last we pitched the tent under the roof, we ate under the shelter, drank warm chocolate, and tried to fall asleep with all of my clothes on. It worked but in the middle of the night I woke up with my feet as ice cubes. The fleece blanket I had bought and used as pillow was now an extra foot blanket. And I managed to sleep again.
17/11: we walked the last bit of the track and arrived at the Jenolan Caves. We visited then briefly and hitchhiked back to Katoomba. The first car took us! We were happy to sit before the fireplace at the hostel again. And the host from blackheath messages he could pick us up at the hostel and we could sleep in his house. A nice ending of the track. And finally… A nice host! And a really cosy, nice house! We made a pear cake together that evening, and played a little game, “reaction lightning”. Guess who won… 😉

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One Response to Katoomba and the Six Foot Track

  1. Peter Moens says:

    Hé Ellen, je bent nu bijna drie maanden onderweg op dat boeiende avontuur van je. Ook al heb ik de kans gekregen om je manier van reizen van dichtbij mee te volgen in het mooie Maleisië, het blijft een plezier om het ook van hieruit op je blog te volgen, open en eerlijk, Ellen-like dus 😉 . Bedankt voor het doorgeven van die reiskriebels, ik wens je er nog een hele hoop meer!

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