Snorkeling Pulau Kapas

After filling our empty breakfast stomach with anything from the morning market that looked appealing, plus something to take away for lunch, we waited for the ferry (forget about time schedules) to Pulau Kapas while eating some of the fruits we just bought. We like the Duku’s most. They look like little round potatoes, taste a little like lychees and have the texture of mandarins.
Pulau Kapas was a so called bounty island. White beaches, rocks here and there, the jungle inland,… And the most beautiful coral reefs I’ve seen until now. And they’re still growing! We snorkeled quite a while. It was amazing seeing so many different species of fish in such a small area! And this time my underwater camera did a real good job. Again, I’m excited to show pictures. It causes me stress thinking about loosing the camera or the SD card, knowing that there a so many pictures on it and I can’t back it up… Hope my garden angel prevents something happening with it. Though I didn’t really keep track of time, I didn’t get sunburned from snorkeling this time. We wanted to spend the night there, but decided not to risk it as tomorrow we had to drive a long distance in order to get the car on time to the car rental agency back in Johor Bahru. So we drove to Kuantan and slept there.

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2 Responses to Snorkeling Pulau Kapas

  1. Greet M says:

    Kleine tip voor SD-card stress: laat de pics van je SD-card op een cd/dvd-rom branden en verstuur die naar huis… Doorsnee internetcafé, fotograaf, mediashop in middelgrote stad kan dit normaal…

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