No more leeches please!

First discovery this morning: an animal had been eating our bread. The bread was in a plastic bag, in a (thin) backpack, hanging 1,5m high next to our high sleeper bed. So whatever rat-like animal it was, it climbed the bed, was just 1m under us, bit through the backpack, through the plastic bag, to reach the bread and eat it. What a hassle… I’d almost say it deserved it!

Our objective that day was to reach a part of the river where we could swim. It was a 2-3 hours walk to get there. After the leech of yesterday, I tucked myself in really good. Long pants, socks over my pants, repellent over my socks,… I didn’t want to be bitten again by those evil leeches. So we decided to do a leech-check of our shoes and socks every 5 minutes or so. And almost every leech-check peter had to toss away one or more of them. I soon started hating the leeches and their nasty heads reaching up when you pass them. I became paranoid, obsessed with them. I couldn’t enjoy the jungle walk anymore, I was constantly staring at the ground. My eye was fixed on seeing them. Result was that none of us got bitten anymore, but I didn’t want to walk the same way back anymore. When we reached the river we hoped a boat would pass and we would beg for it to take us back to the town. Luckily, a boat did pass. With two Polish tourists. They were so kind to take us when they went back… Happy happy, joy joy for me! We invited them for a beer and had a good conversation. They said we reminded them of the movie “Cast Away”. I wonder how desperate we (I) must have looked like…

After that, we drove to Kuala Lipis and chose a good and clean hotel, we thought we deserved that.

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