Mersing – Ai Papan beach and Kuantan falls

Omar told us that there was a beautiful beach a little while north of Mersing. We decided to go and explore and it was spot on! Some rocks on the beach, a beautiful sunshine (we had had quite some rain in Singapore), blue warm sea, shells rare to find in our countries,… So we ate the fresh fruits that we bought earlier that day from the local food stalls in the street and enjoyed that little paradise for a while.
And after we drove along the coast to Kuantan, where we wanted to visit a waterfall nearby. We arrived at closing time but agreed with two men we could have thirty minutes to dip in the water if we payed them. The waterfall was exploited, there even installed slides there. Must be much fun for children, but to us it kind of ruined the rough natural environment we like so much. We found a small river close by and slept under the stars. After a wild boar family scared us, that is. Or more likely, we scared them as they probably came to drink 🙂

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