Prac rental car

We took a bus to cross the border to Malaysia at Johor Bahru. You get dropped off at the border, then you have to walk across the Singaporean border, then the same bus company drives you to the Malaysian border, again you have to walk across the border, and then again you can go on with the same bus company to the center of Johor Bahru. An interesting experience.

The search for the car rental agency we desired, prac, took us some time. (No worries, “prac” stands for “pacific rent a car”) for It wasn’t at the address Google showed, so people were sending us back and forth a bit (I already knew that Asians weren’t the best for giving directions, but how else can you get to your destination?) And we were afraid it might be closed because it was Sunday. But, luckily, we found everything we needed in the only car they had, a small Malaysian brand car, which we hired for the week. We drove to the coast, to Mersing, and slept there at Omar’s backpackers. He wasn’t there, but a note at the wall stated that you could just go in and choose a bed(room). How’s that for trusting people?

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