Monday more Darwin

Rented a bike and explored Darwin some more. A good idea apparently because I saw a whole new Darwin. With even a beach close to the centre that was protected from box jellyfish and crocodiles. (Yeah of course I dipped) and there was a triathlon club training! I tried to speak with them but they were busy and I didn’t want to wait. Next thing I passed was the deckchair cinema. An outdoor cinema. I impulsively decided to watch the movie. I had to wait an hour before the movie would start, but I didn’t mind, it was a nice sunset. It was a Canadian movie “cloudburst” that night, which made me shed a tear and made me think deep thoughts for a while.
Riding home I biked through some areas I hadn’t seen before. I repeat: the bike was a good decision. At the apartment new guests had arrived, from Denmark. I talked a long time with them, they had interesting things for me for Melbourne. But when the others started watching a Tim Burton movie we couldn’t resist. I said bye to my good intentions of going to bed early.

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3 Responses to Monday more Darwin

  1. Bonne Peter says:

    He Ellen, het voorbije weekend samen met Iwein gaan surfen en…via hem dus uw site leren kennen! Erg leuk om te volgen! HAVE FUN!!! Peter

    • ellenopreis says:

      Thx! Ik ben ook wel n beetje jaloers op jullie nu. Ik zou al graag weer eens gaan surfen. Ach ja, misschien in Melbourne binnenkort… 🙂 Ik zal jullie small talk missen!

  2. Oooh, deck chair cinema! Die was ik alweer vergeten. 😀

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