Crocs on our last trip day

On our last day we wanted to see crocs, so we decided on doing a crocodile jumping boat ride. And hoped to see one there. We decided on the one that was least touristic, and with more interaction with the captain. From the very first moment we entered the boat, our minds got satisfied. There was already a crocodile coming to the bait. We soon learned that that Adelaide River was filled with crocs. No way you could ever cross that river alive swimming! In total we saw about 7 crocs in one hour. One more vivid than the other.
What did I learn:
– they seemed to suffer from March flies, who sat on there eyes and bit them, even under water.
– females remain in their territory, so they’re easy to find for the captain.
– males don’t have a territory.
– the males are bigger than the females.
– the males grow their entire life. The oldest one the captain knew about was 150y.
– we didn’t see any males that day.
– it was egg legging time, so the crocs were less energetic.
– no way you survive in their territory, in the water, you might have a slight chance on survival if the croc has to get out of the water and out of its territory to attack you. But then still it’s an explosive sprinter, so your chances stay small.
– by jumping some crocs even jump so high that their 4 legs come out of the water. Again, pictures will follow…
– I nearly forgot about the sea eagle we saw so close by. And another bird, a whistler. And more of those white parrots.

Satisfied, we drove home back to darwin, shared pictures, watched them together and had diner together to finalize the trip. (And the rental car agency didn’t wind about the gas stove that burned down the first day, so we had no worries) And for tomorrow: we’ll eat our remaining pancakes together!

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2 Responses to Crocs on our last trip day

  1. Jessica Lim says:

    Wow hour pictures are incredible!

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