Twin and Jimjim falls

Today we saw some other falls, they were awesome pieces of nature. They took a lot of driving time but were worth it. The first were Twin falls, you had to take a short boat ride to get there. The “captain” showed us a sacred aborigin place where the boys were initiated. The whole place was so sacred that you weren’t allowed to swim in there even if there weren’t crocodiles. There were traps set up to catch the crocodiles and eat them. To some people crocodiles definitely aren’t so protected as to others… Since it is dry season the falls were at its minimum, but the nature remained astonishing.

Jimjim falls were next. A short drive, but this time I could drive our land cruiser through the biggest river crossing. Another cool thing to have done! Jimjim falls’ nature was again amazing. Surrounded by rock cliffs of about 150m high, you feel really small… It again wasn’t a fall in dry season, so it differs quite some from the pictures in internet. But the good thing is that we could swim in it and by doing that, form an impression of its greatness. Walking back to our car in the evening I almost stepped on a snake. My first snake here. My foot must have been only 10-20cm from it. I’m glad it didn’t attack, it just sneaked away. It was beige colored and about 1-1,5m long, so it was camouflaged well between all the fallen leaves, who are also small and long. A little while later I saw another one, of the same type. And this time I was able to take a picture on time.
Driving back we spotted wild horses at the side of the street! It was already getting dark, I was tired, but the team decided on a camp fire and cooking. And I must say, the spaghetti sure did taste good!


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