Gunlom and Magurk

Gunlom, my personal playing ground. The view was AMAZING on top of the first, big waterfall. National Park as far as you could see. Probably my highlight for this 6d trip. Just when I started thinking I was becoming more of a grown up than a girl, we had to end up here… Most people swam where the big waterfall started. I immediately went for the top of the second, small one and swam there. Swimming is a big word though, I dipped there. But the fun for me was exploring the “canyon” further up. I followed the river upstream and ventured around. Climbing and swimming over and up and around rocks in the water, acting very carefully because as the rocks were smoothened by the water that had been running over it for years, they were very slippery once in a while. Finally at the place I couldn’t go any further, I discovered another small waterfall. Lovely!
I’m gonna have a hard time choosing which pictures to post and which not…

Magurk, another beautiful waterfall, was the next spot. Water was clearer here, I spotted fishes and took pictures under water. This time my camera didn’t give up on me. The guys did some jumps and dives again and I climbed up next to the waterfall to get to the top. Needless to say I felt like one of the fishes in the water I just saw…

The day ended with sunset on a rock/viewpoint in Ubirr, where we saw prehistoric aboriginal rock art too.

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