Finally, the land down under!
First impressions:
– sleeping in the Darwin airport is absolutely normal
– people are concerned about your dehydrating, they rather pick you up then let you walk from the airport
– I waited over 3 hours before I could enter the couchsurfing place.
– my couchsurfing host has a different view on couchsurfing. He invites up to 12 people at the same time.
– coming from Asia everything you have to watch out for:
— prices. Everything is expensive. But Darwin is the most expensive city in Ozzie
— crossing the streets, as there are traffic lights for pedestrians here
— absence of mosquitos
— wear seat belts
— you can’t just sit in the back of a pick up anymore
— wifi is not that easy available anymore
— pickpockets who take your iPhone on your very first evening in Darwin
— violence
– it’s a mixture of all kinds of people.
– most of the local people don’t like aborigins. The general thought is that they are lazy and they don’t have to work because the government gives them so much money for nothing. (For their land)
– it’s really warm here
– if you wash your clothes they are dry almost within the hour
– you meet Germans everywhere
– the Australian accent is very hard for me to understand

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2 Responses to Darwin

  1. Virginie says:

    Hey Ellen

    Alles ok daar? Leuk om je blogs te lezen!

    Groetjes uit rainy Brussels

  2. ellenopreis says:

    Alles ok, doet me altijd glimlachen om een comment te zien verschijnen!
    Samen met 3 of 4 anderen gaan we nu een jeep huren om naar 2 nationale parken te gaan. Litchfield en Kakadu. Belooft heel mooi te zullen zijn.
    Vandaag is het hier ook bewolkt, maar wel nog steeds ergens rond de 30 graden.

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