Krabi and the painful veggiefestival

I hoped for another climbing day, but the weather gods had decided differently. So I left Tonsai at noon for Krabi. Surprise for me, there was a festival going on there. A Chinese nine day during vegetarian festival. In favor of nine Gods. Like carnival in Belgium, people walk the streets. But that’s about as far as the comparison goes. They walk in groups of about 20 people. Some of them dance in firecrackers, some of them look like possessed by some kind of power, some of them hurt themselves by making cuts in their tongue wit a sharp knife and letting the blood drop on their chest. One Thai person explained that it is believed that those people have a god-like power, they are possessed by “Mah Song” or reach the “mah song” which means that they don’t feel pain. Others are pierced with a stick through both cheeks and walking around like that. Worst thing I saw was a guy who pierced his cheeks with a double gun… No pain no gain?
It was horrible and awkward and I didn’t feel at ease.
The rest of the day I spent eating all the Thai food I wanted for the last day. (Murtabak and pad Si ew were my favorites)

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