Climbing day in Tonsai!

Finally a day with nice (better, still not the best) weather! After 2 rainy days it was about time. Climbing was possible again. And I had some good climbs! Harvest of today: 6a, 6b, 6a lead, 6b+ “Missing Snow” lead but needed 2 blocks, 6a+ lead with a lead climbers fall of about 7m (I was getting tired, but mentally I was still strong). But let’s start from the beginning.
In the morning I went to Mama’s chicken, the best local kitchen on Tonsai and actually the only place I’ve been eating in here, and asked out loud if there was somebody who was alone or in need of a climbing partner… And that was it, I got an appointment at noon with an Canadian guy, whose name I can’t remember.
For the remaining two hours I went to a coffee bar and ordered a chocolate in order to have wifi and entertain myself a bit. Behind me two people were having a conversation about climbing, and when they were finished, I spoke with the guy, Dan. It appeared he was waiting for his climbing buddy for more than an hour and just when we decided to climb one route together his buddy showed up. But no problem, I could just join them.
His buddy, Paul, lived in New-Zealand and had some very interesting stories about his apparently interesting life. He is a mountaineer, had many stories about Nepal, about New-Zealand, about Antarctica even, and told me I should go to his place in Wanaka, New-Zealand. He wouldn’t be there that moment, but a lot of people, mostly local climbers, would be there and I would love it there. He has a camp ground, outside kitchen, outside showers… Seems like the perfect place for me to be. And watering his trees in return is nothing…
At noon I went to the Canadian guy and after a bad start (slippery wet routes which we couldn’t finish) we climbed 2 nice routes in one place, and then went to Eagle Wall. It’s a place you could only reach when low tide and by going through a jungle with palm trees. An amazing place! And we were totally alone there. Everything to ourselves. And when you reach the top, your reward is the view on the bay from there. Needless to say the day ended in “Mama’s Chicken”?
And with some beers in “Smoll World”, talking to Dan and Paul, while watching the fire show with pois and sticks on the slackline? Ah, lovely days…
Oh, and one more thing: I still haven’t lost my camera (touching wood right now)

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One Response to Climbing day in Tonsai!

  1. Pablo Ardura says:

    Come Ellen Ondra! Come on! 😉 I see you are having a great time in Thailand. Enjoy 🙂

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