To Tonsai

The Tonsai story actually begins by leaving Khao Sok for Krabi. How I love to hitchhike! It’s the adventure itself! I get so much energy out of it! Though there sometimes was a language barrier, which we solved by a translated text in Thai on my iPad, it was great to meet the real Thai people and experience their kindness, in contrast to some others who are used to do business with tourists. With the help of one of the drivers, I collected my own Thai survival language kit: my name is: dee chan cheu, banana: guihong, climbing: bin bukhao, delicious: naroi, good: dee, fun: so-un.

Krabi was much nicer than I expected. It started with a good meal in a Muslim restaurant right next to where we were dropped by the last driver. He was so kind to take us to the center of the city, right by the place we wanted to be, even though he didn’t have to be there. And we found a nice cheap place to sleep and drop our bags before going to the shopping mall to buy my next photo camera, the fourth now.
While I was playing the troublesome American in the photo store trying to get some kind of compensation for the waterproof camera that wasn’t waterproof, Els had herself a clothes shopping frenzy. I also walked out with a T-shirt. Literally.
The next day we wanted to take a boat-taxi to Tonsai beach. But we had to get off at Raileh beach and walk from there to Tonsai since it was low tide. The arrival at Raileh beach was memorable. No pier, just jump off the boat into the water and walk to the land, with your luggage. But it was ok to do that. Besides, the weather was really nice. On the boat we met Fabian, from the Netherlands, he also was heading for Tonsai beach, so we walked there together.
After about 45 minutes we arrived at the resort where the climbers from Singapore who I met some time ago in Kuala Lumpur, were also staying. They weren’t there that moment, so I pinned a note to the door in order to could climb together the next day.
Meanwhile we had dinner and went to the Viking bar at the beach. The bar owner was happy with some guests in low season, and he told us he was renovating. There was a pool table we could play on, what we did of course, but the table was as flat as the earth, so the game was frustrating to some of us. I ended up potting the black ball in the wrong hole, which made Els to win our invisible competition trofee. The bar owner seemed to like us and invited us to go kayaking the day after tomorrow. (Tomorrow was climbing day)
In the late evening, the climbers from Singapore knocked at our door so climbing the next day was arranged and I could sleep well.

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