Khao Sok np

After another relaxing day at Ko Tao, where we once more did some snorkeling, we took the night boat to Surat Thani to there take the bus to Khao Sok. The boat was awful. Two decks of sleeping mattresses, on our deck we could even stand up straight. We felt like canned sardine fishes. But we managed to sleep. I woke up once in a while because my sunburnt skin hurted, but that’s my own fault. Arriving in Khao Sok, we needed some more sleep first, and then we walked to the river and checked the empty river cottages, ready for high season. When we walked back, we met a couple (English and Thao) in a car. They pulled over and picked us up and together we discovered a cave and rode to the lakes a bit further. We passed by a festival where there was a market also, and spent the evening there.

Next day we did an elephant trekking in the jungle, which was really awesome, and had the best Thai dinner ever! And now we are off to Krabi.


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