Relaxing days at Ko Tao

We packed our stuff, checked out, and went for a ride on our rented motorbike. Remote beaches and snorkeling was our objective. Freedom beach (close to Shark bay) was the first. Amazing what we saw snorkeling around! Many colorful fishes, even more different types then I saw while diving, butterfly fish, triggerfish, groupers,… And a little furter: sharks! Two reef sharks that had a baby shark attached to them, and a little later two other sharks. On our way back we saw a giant sea turtle with little fishes swimming around it. Very beautiful and graceful. We touched its shell, watched it for a while and swam further back. And guess what happened when we were almost at our starting Point again? We saw another one! What a catch!

Next bay was Tanote beach. Very remote, with one big rock to jump off. I wanted to jump off it, but since my buttocks were sunburned from snorkeling, I wasn’t in the mood anymore. And also I suffer a bit from a cold I caught since past night. We decided just to read our books in the shade in that beautiful spot.

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