Two diving days later…

The past two days were a blast! The first real diving day, in the afternoon in the sea, we first went to a dive site called “white rock”,’ and then to another called “Japanese Garden”. On the boat, on our way to the dive side I felt real bad. I was a bit sea sick like, though I took a “touristil”-pill to avoid that. While the boat drives you have to do several things. Get your diving equipment ready, put your rucksack away, take a weight belt, put on the wetsuit, check your buddy, being nervous about the whole thing and even be scared, listen to the diving instructor,… Doing that while being a bit seasick is like hell. I even wiped away a tear for that. But from the moment I jumped from the boat into the water it was all forgotten. The descent to 12m depth was the only other thing I had to pay attention to. Equalizing the pressure in your ears nearly every half meter or meter you go down. But once I was down, I was as relaxed as a sea turtle in the water. Looking at all the colored fish around me, and the underwater rocks, finding my neutral buoyancy (where I was good at),… The diving instructors were really nice, I like them. They made us relax and pointed out things we otherwise wouldn’t have seen. I felt better after the dive than before!

The second day of diving we went to a place called “south west pinnacle” and to “junk yard”. For these boat rides I got pills against seasickness from the diving school itself. They were much better than mine. I almost enjoyed the ride! 🙂 the diving was deeper this time, 18 meters. Not that you can feel that. The first dive today was a great one. Many things to see, and I recognized fish we saw yesterday and could name some of them now. Divers have made up hand signs for the name of most of the fish. Triggerfish for example, therefor you make a sign of triggering a gun, for angelfish you make a circle above your head, for butterfly fish you bring your thumbs together so your other fingers can signify the wings… I enjoyed it. During the second dive, I was playing with my weightlessness. I had enough of the fish and was acting like I were weightless in space. Making rollovers, hanging upside down, standing on my hands, diving through/under a wreck of a greenhouse. That second dive our dive instructor pointed out to us a sea cucumber. It was very well camouflaged. He took it and gave it to us. And when you hold it, it excretes white hair-like things. They are very sticky. Once you touch them you can’t get them off your fingers anymore. Well, not easily anyway. So we were playing with that trying to rub the sticky things to one another. Fun for me of course, you can imagine, knowing me…


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2 Responses to Two diving days later…

  1. Mark Wheeler says:

    Hi Ellen, it was great diving with you and a very interesting report on your experiece, im glad I could be part of a experience that has changed your life and will continue to do so I the future. You certainly have the beggings of becoming a very skills and competant diver. I hope I have to opportunity to dive with you again and i hope this experience will also be transforming for you in the future.

  2. Je moet maar ‘s naar 30m diepte gaan, dan zal je ‘t verschil wel merken. 😉
    Groetjes aan ons Els!

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