Penang – Georgetown

This morning at 7.30 am my alarm went off and I was kinda awake. (Note: usually it takes my eyes about 15 minutes to prepare for daylight) I decided i’d go to Ipoh. I made a phone call to the guesthouse and they said they had no more dorm beds. And so my decision was made to go directly to Penang/Georgetown. I had no idea when I would arrive. During that bus ride I received the message that I had become godmother of Noor! She was born that night. 🙂 The bus ride took about 5 hours. The rest of the day I wandered around in the center of the old English town. It’s good to see the sea. Georgetown is an island connected to the mainland by a long bridge, I think I’ll rent a motorbike and make a big tour around the island tomorrow.

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One Response to Penang – Georgetown

  1. Peter Moens says:

    Hé Ellen, geweldig voor je, dat meterschap! Je bent alvast bezig met een mooie reeks verhalen te verzamelen om later aan Noor te kunnen vertellen. Weer iets om naar uit te kijken… 😉

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