Tanah Rata

After such a dream of a day I had a long and peaceful sleep. When I woke up, the others in my room had already left. I packed my things and browsed on Internet to see if I would go to Teman Negara or to Cameron Highlands. After quite a while I decided to go to Cameron Highlands. I made a side-seeing walk in Kuala Lumpur, markets, Chinatown, metro stations, monorails, Petronas twin towers in the distance, and many other big buildings I didn’t really want to see from close by.
The bus ride to Tanah Rata, Cameron Higlands, was terrible. The driver was a pirate. Mountain roads at that speed! No surprise people vomited.
I was happy that the host of the lodge I was going to stay, De’Natives lodge, ame to pick me up at the bus station because it was already late at night. I read in Tripadvisor he was really nice. He seemed indeed very hospitable. The house was nice, but I was the only one there, the only other people there were two couples who stayed in the bamboo huts he built. The host, Krish, was drinking whiskey while we were all chatting together. He seemed to like me and asked me if I didn’t want to stay and work for/with him there. I said I had other plans, but if I liked it there I would stay maybe 3 instead of 2 nights. As the Italian couple went to bed he gave them a hug. A little later I was tired too and said I was going to sleep. He showed me the room and gave me a hug when he stood in the door. He said again that he liked me and I should stay there longer, and then after another hug and him taking my hand I didn’t like it anymore. I felt really uncomfortable. I tried to bend the conversation and make hardly noticeable but noticeable enough gestures to get him out of the door so I could close it. I succeeded after a third hug and then locked every door to my room. I was not at ease with this awkward situation. It was clear that he was drunk but still I decided to leave the next day.

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