Cameron Highlands

I left the place and went to a coffee bar with wifi. I found another nice place in the village and this time it was REALLY nice and cosy. Daniels lodge. Many guests there, wifi all over, decent showers, pool table, fireplace,…
I dropped my bag and met 3 people on the terrace. Harry, who was there already for 10 weeks, and Andy and Lucas, two German brothers. They were going to take a hike so I asked if I could join them. Harry appeared to have become a kind of guide for the guesthouse and took the dogs for a daily walk. He pointed us some interesting flowers and insects. Because its Highland here, temperatures are lower and humidity is drier. The region is also famous for strawberries and tea.
After a while we split because the brothers and me were going for a longer hike, to the mountain Berembun. It was a long and sometimes steep hike through the jungle, and very much worth it. The brothers turned out to be quite funny together. Good company. We were rewarded with a nice view at the top, and when we got back, we gave ourselves the permission to taste a strawberry from the farm.

Later that evening we dined together in an Indian restaurant, we played pool and sat at the fireplace together with the other guests. Talking about everything and nothing and beyond. Lovely evening.

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  1. Aaaah, that’s the life!!

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